quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2015

Why are before proselytize, not to teach reading and writing ???!!!

I would love not say anything rude. As a theologian, I can not shut my mouth. Sorry criticize a religion, I always try to do it with my first. We Christians have a church on every corner. Anxious for money.

Everyone today wants to be pastor, and up will my outburst: Why are before proselytize, not to teach reading and writing ???!!!

If they did, there would be so many idiots relative positions the Word of God contained in the Bible. It is shameful.

I am not discriminate against people for no have means to be literate. Why, by experience, I see God's care for they. With they, best elucidations I had even than comparing graduate courses.

Now patient not be not. Who has access to paper, pencil and eraser but in language english, hermeneutic and exegesis is killer not, not not. Everything has limit.

Learn the basics before shame be for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I not learn at ACADEMY Greek and Hebrew, for example, for go through certain things. Change a gym where you exercise the body, at least once a week, and improve out these minds atrophied.

Ready. I said. I feel lighter.

Sorry. My English is really bad.

Anna Mattos.

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